Monday, 22 August 2016

How to a Camel Baby Born Tutorial Video, Don’t miss to watch| Zoology : ...

How to a Camel Baby born Tutorial Video, Don’t miss to watch| Zoology : Animal Mating

☆ Video Title : Best Rajasthan’s  Camels Matting & Romance for New Baby Camel – Top Video in 2016


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A camel has a naturally adapted temperature regulation - it can change its bodily temperature by six degrees Celsius either way. It has two sets of eyelashes, closing muscles in the nasal passages with slited nostrils, hairy ears and tough, leathery skin to protect the camels skin in vital emergencies such as a sandstorm. It has thick rubbery lips to eat dry, prickly plants and a large, haired tail to swat pests such as mosquitos and flies.

It has a long slender neck in order to reach high leaves such as palm trees, and rubbery patches on the belly and knees to protect the skin when kneeling and sitting on the hot sand. These form after five years of age..


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